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This is a community dedicated to that quirky sweetheart of the paranormal television genre, Most Haunted. General discussion on the "paranormal community" or even just the paranormal is fine. You can gush over celebrity psychics, resident on-air skeptics and any other MH-related personalities here, too. This is a community to support Most Haunted in fandom, in whatever contrived form it might be...!

(Have no idea what we're talking about? Figure it out by reading the Wikipedia entry on Most Haunted.)

Stuff to know:

+ Because MH has (for the most part) a cult following and little representation on the internet, this is also a place where any and all amounts of fandom geekery is encouraged! Fan works are more than welcome on the condition that your posts are friends-locked, and are labeled with an appropriate age rating. Also, because there are multiple MH communities with different levels of activity, cross-posting is allowed. Even if you cross-post outside of LJ, feel free to link to it. The more connected the fandom is, the better!

+ Please post images, full essays or significant spoilers under an LJ cut, regardless of when the MH episode or MHL aired. It's just the proper snobby thing to do so you don't clog other people's friend's lists.

+ Respect other people's views. Skeptic, believer or whatever; while debate and discussion is encouraged, acting like a moron is not.

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mh_online is affiliated with a companion MH fan site, Most Haunted Online!

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Most Haunted Zone fan forums
Most Taunted fan forums
Most Haunted Tribute fan site
Most Haunted International fan site
Most Haunted UK Yahoo group
Most Haunted FanFiction Yahoo group
David Wells fan forum
Yvette Fielding fan forum
Karl Beattie fan site
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Cath Howe fan forum
Iain Cash fan site

Official sites:
The Travel Channel
W Network
Antix Productions

Websites of the MH crew:

// Present -
David Wells
Ciarán O'Keeffe

// Past -
Richard Felix
Derek Acorah
Phil Whyman
Jason Karl
Gordon Smith

// Guests -
Ian Shillito
Ian Lawman

General paranormal interest:

// Parapsychology/Psychical research -
Society for Psychical Research
The Parapsychological Association, Inc.

// Spiritualism -
International Spiritualist Alliance

Notes on the current graphics:
The base images you see on this userinfo page are from the MH Yahoo group. I wasn't sure who to contact to ask for credit. If you're the person that originally scanned these, e-mail me and I'll give you credit.
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